And two became one

 August 12, 2009

Grace Baptist and Johnson County Baptist becomes one. 

Mountain City Baptist Church is born 

Right photo:  Founding Pastor Joseph Griffis signs charter after being voted on as the new Pastor of Mountain City Baptist. 


Taken from article in our local newspaper......

By MCB Church Member

Two Johnson County churches voted to close their doors and cease to exist on the same night recently, but no tears were shed, as a matter of fact, the members of both churches were joyful and thanking God for it.

After more than five months of prayer and seeking God’s will, the members of Grace Baptist and Johnson County Baptist decided to merge into one local body of believers. The new congregation voted unanimously on August 12th. to name the new church, Mountain City Baptist and call Bro. Joseph Griffis as their founding Pastor.

“For the most part the merge was a smooth transition”, Bro. Griffis said, “People are different, but Christ was the common denominator, He made this merge happen.” The new Pastor went on to say, “It really helps when the two congregations are on the same sheet of music spiritually. Our church and theirs both believed in the inerrancy of the King James Bible and believe it to be the preserved Word of God,  we both sang the old traditional songs that honor the Lord Jesus and both were involved in personal soul winning in the community.”

Combining the two churches brings the total number of missionaries to 20 they will support monthly in the United States and around the world. The members hope to increase that number in the future. A Missions Conference is already scheduled for October.

Bro. Jeff Wills, former Pastor of Johnson County Baptist will preach to the newly chartered congregation before traveling to his new pastorate in Phillipsburg, Missouri later this month. Bro. Jeff and wife Janine will be honored by the folks at Mountain City Baptist for their hard work and dedication these past years at Johnson County Baptist.

The new congregation will meet at the old Grace Baptist building on Industrial Drive until extensive renovations are completed at the former Johnson County Baptist building on N. Church St. They hope to begin worshiping there during the latter part of September.

A special service to introduce Mountain City Baptist Church to the community will be held on Sunday, August 30th at 10:30 a.m. Visitors are always welcome, but especially on this Sunday.

Any one wanting more information about the new church can call or email Pastor Griffis, 727-4255, or, visit the church website, www.MountainCityBaptist.Org





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